Researchers Discover That Cats Can See WiFi Signals


In a stunning revelation that’s sending shockwaves through both the tech and pet communities, researchers at the University of Silicon Alley have discovered that cats possess the unique ability to see WiFi signals. This extraordinary feline capability could explain why your cat insists on sitting on your router.

Dr. Felis Catus, the lead researcher on the study, stated, “After extensive observation, we realized that cats may be visualizing WiFi signal distribution around them, which explains their odd fascination with certain spots in the household that have strong signal coverage.”

This new understanding could revolutionize the way we set up home networks. “Forget WiFi signal mappers,” says Dr. Catus. “For the optimal router placement, just observe where the cat lounges most frequently in your home.”

The study involved a series of controlled experiments where cats were observed choosing to nap in areas with the strongest WiFi signals, completely ignoring the cozy cat beds purchased by their human servants. This behavior led researchers to initially hypothesize that cats might be comforted by the electromagnetic warmth. However, further tests indicated they could visually track the flow of digital data.

Satirical tech reviewer, Chip Byteley, suggested, “This could lead to a new app – CatFi, where you just upload a picture of where your cat’s chilling, and it tells you where to move your router for the best signal.”

While the implications of this discovery are vast, Dr. Catus advises cat owners to keep an eye on their pets’ online activities. “We’re not saying your cat is streaming videos, but you might want to check your data usage just in case.”

As the scientific community scrambles to further understand and potentially harness this feline capability, one thing is clear: Cats continue to surprise and bewilder us, adding yet another reason to their nine lives of mystery.

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