The 9 Circles of Netflix Hell: A Viewer’s Guide to Terrible Adaptations, Overhyped Documentaries, and Cringe-Inducing Dating Shows


Traversing the treacherous terrain of Netflix’s extensive library can often seem like an arduous journey through Dante’s infamous circles of Hell, particularly when you inadvertently encounter the plethora of subpar content that the streaming giant occasionally proffers. Allow me to offer you a whimsical and entertaining guide through the 9 Circles of Netflix Hell, a labyrinth where you will cross paths with everything from abysmal adaptations to cringe-inducing dating shows that test the limits of your tolerance.

First Circle: The Desolate Limbo of Lost Potential

This purgatorial circle is the dwelling place for all the shows and movies with phenomenal trailers and a star-studded cast that, despite their immense promise and potential, fell tragically short of delivering a satisfying viewing experience. The sense of unfulfilled expectation and disappointment is tangible yet not unbearable—yet.

Second Circle: The Lustful Abyss of Botched Adaptations

This circle is a tormenting realm reserved for the abysmally executed adaptations of beloved books and comics that completely missed the mark. Beloved characters and intricate plotlines are grotesquely distorted beyond recognition, leaving die-hard fans to mourn the loss of what could have been a faithful cinematic interpretation.

Third Circle: The Gluttonous Quagmire of Mediocre Binge-Watching

This circle is densely populated by a series of shows that are just tantalizing enough to keep you hooked, but ultimately not satisfying or engaging. You find yourself mindlessly consuming episode after episode, nurturing a vain hope that the narrative will eventually improve—only to realize, to your dismay, that it never does.

Fourth Circle: The Greedy Gorge of Unnecessary Sequels

This circle is exclusively reserved for the superfluous sequels and prequels that are churned out purely to capitalize on the success of the original masterpiece. Each successive installment progressively dilutes the unique charm and appeal of the first, much to the chagrin of its loyal and devoted audience.

Fifth Circle: The Wrathful Whirlpool of Polarizing Reviews

Here, in this tumultuous circle, viewers are tormented by shows that have sharply divided the audience, leading to heated debates and contentious social media wars that have the potential to spoil friendships and ruin convivial dinner parties.

Sixth Circle: The Heretical Horror of Distorted Reality

This circle is teeming with reality shows that audaciously stretch the concept of “reality” to its absolute breaking point. From dating shows where contestants impulsively marry at first sight or compete in outlandishly bizarre love trials, to cooking shows where the petty drama egregiously overshadows the culinary creations—all find their dubious home here.

Seventh Circle: The Violent Vortex of Overhyped Documentaries

This circle houses documentaries that boldly promised groundbreaking revelations but regrettably delivered only well-known facts and sensationalist footage, leaving viewers feeling deceived, disillusioned, and mentally exhausted.

Eighth Circle: The Fraudulent Fiasco of False Endings

This circle is home to series that were poised to end gracefully, but were abruptly resurrected for one more superfluous season, resulting in bewildering plot twists and unresolved story arcs that should have been left untouched and undisturbed.

Ninth Circle: The Treacherous Trench of Premature Cancellations

The deepest and most painful circle of them all, where shows that had cultivated a passionate cult following and had garnered critical acclaim are abruptly and unjustly cancelled, leaving their devoted fans without closure and teeming with bitter questions and simmering resentment.

Your Salvation: Escape from the Netflix Hell

To skillfully avoid falling into these damning infernal pits, always do your due diligence by vetting a show with a quick perusal of reviews from trusted critics and fellow viewers, or perhaps consult informative and entertaining guides like this one. Remember, in the vast and eclectic realm of Netflix, for every circle of Hell, there’s a hidden gem or a beloved classic waiting to redeem your viewing experience. Here’s wishing you happy streaming, and may your journey be devoid of these accursed depths!

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