9 Signs You’ve Reached Peak Adulthood


Reaching “peak adulthood” isn’t marked by a particular age or milestone, but rather a series of subtle, often hilarious signs that indicate you’ve fully embraced the adult life. Here are nine undeniable indicators that you’ve hit this unique phase:

  1. Excitement Over Tupperware The moment you find yourself genuinely thrilled about a new set of Tupperware, you’ve reached peak adulthood. You’re not just excited; you’re planning meal prep around the features of each container and maybe even color-coding your fridge contents.
  2. A Fully Stocked Spice Rack When you have more than just salt and pepper, and actually use words like “turmeric” and “sumac” in casual conversation, you’re playing in the big leagues of adulting.
  3. Financial Thrill on Utility Bills Getting excited about a lower-than-expected utility bill is a hallmark of true adulthood. Bonus points if you’ve called someone to brag about how your energy-saving tactics are paying off.
  4. Weekend Plans? You Mean Home Improvement Projects Your weekends are no longer about clubbing until the wee hours but rather tackling that long list of DIY home improvement projects—and you’re not mad about it.
  5. Choosing Furniture Based on Durability, Not Just Style When shopping for furniture, your first question is about the warranty and how well the material holds up against stains, not just how it looks.
  6. An Established Bedtime Routine You not only appreciate a good night’s sleep, you have a whole routine set around achieving it, complete with blackout curtains and possibly a white noise machine.
  7. Joy in an Organized Garage or Closet The satisfaction derived from an organized garage or closet can’t be overstated. You might even take before-and-after pictures to remember this pinnacle achievement.
  8. Insurance Excitement You have a favorite insurance commercial and you’ve engaged in at least one heated discussion about the benefits of various policies. Understanding and discussing deductibles and coverage options is oddly exhilarating.
  9. Subscriptions to Meal Kits or Cleaning Services The ultimate sign of peak adulthood: outsourcing what you can to optimize your life efficiency. Whether it’s a meal kit subscription that simplifies cooking or a cleaning service that frees up your weekends, these services symbolize your mastery over adult life logistics.

Reaching peak adulthood might not be glamorous, but it’s incredibly satisfying. Embrace these signs with pride as you enjoy the practicalities and pleasures of grown-up life!

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