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PAX East Unveils ‘Survival Mode’ Entrance: Only Those Who Can Craft a Ticket from Raw Materials Get In

Last updated on March 20, 2024

BOSTON, MA – In a move that has simultaneously shocked and delighted hardcore gamers, PAX East has just announced a revolutionary new ticketing system based on everyone’s favorite mechanic: crafting.

“We wanted to take things up a notch,” beamed PAX East Director of Chaos, Jerry Holkins. “The standard badge system was getting stale. It lacked… a fundamental struggle for existence. Now, entry is reserved only for the cunning and resourceful.”

To gain access to the convention, attendees will be given a rudimentary toolkit and a series of cryptic riddles. Successful crafting of a PAX East ticket will require materials scavenged from the Boston cityscape. Confirmed components include:

  • Three discarded Red Bull cans (any flavor, but extra points for limited-edition ones)
  • A roll of tattered duct tape (must be authentically pre-used)
  • One single, mismatched D20 die
  • Unsolicited advice from a disillusioned game developer found near a coffee shop

“Think MacGyver meets Bear Grylls with a dash of ‘The Hunger Games,'” Holkins added with a wicked grin. “We’re expecting a lot of desperate bartering near the food trucks. Someone’s bound to trade a half-eaten sandwich for that critical D20.”

Reactions from the gaming community have been predictably mixed. “This is INSANE!” exclaimed Twitch streamer Xx_Ninja_Slayer_xX. “But honestly…I kind of love it? It’s the ultimate test of a true fan.”

Others are less enthusiastic. “Guess I’m selling my kidney to pay someone on Etsy to craft me a ticket,” grumbled a Twitter user with the handle DepressedMage42.

PAX East assures attendees that safety protocols will be in place, including trained EMTs specializing in hot glue gun mishaps and a designated “Lost and Confused” zone for those hopelessly deciphering riddles.

“Look, we want to elevate the PAX East experience,” Holkins explained. “If you can’t handle scavenging for convention materials, maybe you should stick to playing Candy Crush.”

Disclaimer: PAX East is not responsible for lost limbs, bartering-induced brawls, or existential crises spurred by the realization that your years of gaming have not prepared you to identify edible moss.

Let the crafting (and chaos) begin!

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