Democracy Is When I Remain in Power Against Your Will, Says PM: Navigating Netanyahu’s Electoral Endgame


In an audacious twist of political rhetoric that could only originate from the corridors of power in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Netanyahu has seemingly embraced a novel definition of democracy, boldly declaring, “Democracy is when I remain in power against your will.” This satirical headline might well capture the essence of Netanyahu’s current electoral endgame, as he navigates the treacherous waters of public opinion and political unrest.

Netanyahu’s tenure, marked by an uncanny ability to weather political storms and outmaneuver opponents, now faces perhaps its most formidable challenge yet: a supermajority of the Israeli populace clamoring for change. Despite the loud calls for elections, Netanyahu remains steadfast, wielding the ongoing conflict as both shield and justification for postponing any political reckoning.

Critics argue that Netanyahu’s stance reflects a broader trend of leaders using national crises, real or perceived, as means to consolidate power, often at the expense of democratic norms and processes. In Netanyahu’s case, the argument goes, the prolonged conflict not only diverts attention from domestic discontent but also fortifies his position by casting him as an indispensable leader in times of uncertainty.

This narrative isn’t unique to Israel. Globally, leaders have often leveraged unrest, be it political, social, or military, to extend their grip on power, framing their leadership as critical to national survival. However, Netanyahu’s current gambit is particularly audacious, given the clear and vocal opposition from a significant portion of his own citizenry.

As Netanyahu navigates this endgame, the questions for Israel and democratic nations observing this unfold are profound. At what point does the balance tip from legitimate national security concerns to an opportunistic grasp for enduring power? How can democratic institutions and societies reclaim their agency in the face of such tactics?

Netanyahu’s electoral endgame, then, is more than a mere political maneuver; it’s a litmus test for democracy itself in an era where the rules of the game are increasingly malleable. As this saga continues to unfold, the international community watches closely, aware that the outcome may well set precedents far beyond the borders of the Jewish state.

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