Flat Earthers Launch Satellite to Prove Moon is Just a Projection


In a move that defies both common sense and the fundamental laws of physics, a group of Flat Earthers has made the ultimate leap of illogical faith: they’ve launched a satellite into orbit. Their goal? To prove, once and for all, that the Moon is merely a cleverly designed projection on the great dome of the sky.

This bizarre endeavor has sent shockwaves through both the scientific community and internet conspiracy forums. The Flat Earth Society claims to have pooled their resources (and presumably, a hefty supply of tinfoil) to build a satellite equipped with state-of-the-art “reality detecting” technology. What this technology actually entails remains a mystery, but members express unwavering confidence in its ability to expose the lunar deception.

News of the launch has fueled both ridicule and a strange sense of morbid curiosity. Scientists wring their hands in frustration, wondering how to combat such a profound misunderstanding of basic physics. Late-night comedians have a field day, crafting jokes about the potential for a satellite to accidentally bump into the edge of the world and tumble over.

But the Flat Earthers remain resolute. Dressed in matching t-shirts depicting a disappointingly flat Earth, they crowd around a fuzzy livestream, awaiting the first images sent back from space. The anticipation is palpable. What will they see when their satellite reaches the Moon? Will they admit their error when confronted with irrefutable evidence, or will they spin even this into a further reinforcement of their outlandish beliefs?

The scientific community braces itself. If the satellite transmits back undeniable images of a spherical Moon orbiting our round Earth, the fallout will be monumental within the Flat Earth movement. Will it spark a wave of disillusionment and a return to scientific sanity? Or will the society double down, claiming the images are faked (likely by NASA or those nefarious lizard people) in an elaborate plot to perpetuate the globe-shaped Earth lie?

One thing’s for certain: no matter the outcome, the Flat Earther Satellite Mission of [insert year] will go down in history as a testament to the power of human belief systems to defy all reason, logic, and the inconvenient facts about our place in the solar system.

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