‘The Art of the Deal’ 5 Tips Trump Ignored From His Own Book


In an ironic twist of fate that could only be rivaled by a pizza dough spinning out of control, Donald Trump, the maestro of real estate moguldom and author of the famed “The Art of the Deal,” finds himself in a saucy situation. The New York courts have ordered him to fork over a whopping $354.9 million, teaching a masterclass in the real-world implications of creative accounting. Here’s a slice of the wisdom from his own tome that Trump seemed to have tossed aside like yesterday’s pizza crust:

1. “Think Big” – But Not About Your Net Worth on Paper Trump famously advocated for thinking big, but apparently, he took it a step too far by inflating his net worth. It’s as if he tried to apply the same principle to his financial documents, only to find out that the courts don’t appreciate this kind of creative expansion. The lesson? When it comes to legal documents, it’s better to keep your feet (and numbers) on the ground.

2. “Protect the Downside and the Upside Will Take Care of Itself” – Except When It Comes to Legal Fees One would assume that protecting the downside involves staying within the bounds of law to avoid hefty fines. However, Trump’s latest escapade suggests he might have skipped this chapter entirely. Instead of a protective barrier, it seems Trump built a financial roller coaster with a steep drop straight into the hands of the New York legal system.

3. “Maximize Your Options” – Just Not in Court Trump’s philosophy of keeping options open might work well in business negotiations, but when it comes to legal strategies, less is often more. Instead of diversifying, Trump found his options dwindling as the courts narrowed in on his creative financial declarations, proving that sometimes, the best option is playing it straight.

4. “Know Your Market” – And the Legal System Understanding the market is key, but so is understanding the legal landscape. Trump’s misstep was treating the court like another business venture where bravado could overshadow facts. Unfortunately, the legal system operates on evidence, not bluster, making Trump’s oversight a costly miscalculation.

5. “Use Your Leverage” – Wisely In “The Art of the Deal,” Trump talks about using leverage to seal the deal. However, leveraging inflated assets to secure loans is a recipe for disaster, as evidenced by the New York court’s ruling. It turns out, the only thing Trump managed to leverage was a monumental legal bill and a crash course in the importance of financial accuracy.

In conclusion, Donald Trump’s recent legal debacle reads like a satirical appendix to “The Art of the Deal,” offering a cautionary tale about the limits of creative accounting. As the dust settles on this financial fiasco, one thing is clear: in the real world, as in pizza making, there’s an art to keeping things authentic – and it’s best not to mess with the recipe.

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