Professor Goes Viral After Assigning Final Exam Based Entirely on Political Opinions


A college professor has sparked a massive online debate and gone viral after it was revealed that their final exam for the semester would not consist of standard academic questions, but rather a deep dive into the political opinions of their students. The controversial move has left academic circles buzzing and social media ablaze with both outrage and applause.

The professor, who teaches political science at a well-known university, designed the exam to assess students not on their knowledge of political systems or theory, but purely on the ‘correctness’ and ‘popularity’ of their political beliefs. Questions range from, “Who did you vote for in the last election and why was it the right choice?” to “List three reasons why your political stance is superior to your classmates’.”

“This is a new approach to understanding political engagement among young people,” the professor explained in a now-viral tweet that included a snapshot of the exam questions. “It’s not about right or wrong answers, but about how well you can defend your political choices.”

Critics have lambasted the exam as an unethical pressure cooker that forces students into a corner to either parrot the professor’s views or risk their academic standing. “It’s outrageous,” commented an educational ethicist. “Exams are supposed to test knowledge, not coerce conformity.”

Supporters, however, argue that the exam is a brilliant method of encouraging critical thinking and debate. “In a real way, it challenges students to really stand behind their beliefs and articulate them under pressure,” said a student who claims to have aced the test by arguing for the abolition of final exams altogether.

Social media has turned the situation into a spectacle, with hashtags like #PolitiTest and #ExamGate trending. Memes depicting students cramming political propaganda instead of textbooks have gone viral, and a parody account of the professor now tweets exaggerated political commentary that has garnered thousands of followers.

The university administration has issued a statement saying they are reviewing the course’s curriculum and assessment methods. “While we encourage innovative teaching methods, we must ensure they uphold our academic standards and ethics,” the statement read.

As the story unfolds, the professor remains at the center of a storm of media attention, fielding calls to appear on everything from morning shows to panel discussions about academic freedom and political bias in education.

Whether this bold experiment will change the way political science is taught or simply serve as a cautionary tale remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear: the final exam has already tested more than just the students; it has put the entire educational establishment to the test.

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