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Obama and Clinton Crash Biden Fundraiser, Mistaken for Catering Staff by President

In a political gaffe for the ages, a star-studded Biden fundraiser descended into delicious chaos when former Presidents Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance…and promptly caused an identity crisis for the current Commander-in-Chief.

Stealthy Arrival, Awkward Encounter

Seeking to drum up campaign excitement and perhaps just score some of those fancy hors d’oeuvres, Obama and Clinton decided to forgo the fanfare-soaked VIP entrance. Instead, they casually arrived with a “hey guys, can we help out back?” The problem? Nobody had alerted Biden to this power-duo assist.

A Puzzled President

With Obama balancing a tray of canapés and Clinton offering to set up chairs, Biden blinked in confusion. “Um, didn’t we book high-end caterers?” he reportedly murmured to an aide, a slight glaze settling over his eyes as he struggled to reconcile the faces he sees on money with those handling mini-quiches.

Awkward Interventions

While donors clamored for selfies with the ex-presidents, now busily topping off champagne flutes, a flustered Biden attempted interventions. “Can I interest you in…foreign policy pointers?” he offered a beaming Obama. And to Clinton, caught reorganizing place settings, “Madam Secretary, maybe a comment on my fiscal strategy?”

The Moment of Truth

Finally, Jill Biden intervened with the clarity of a thousand Secret Service agents. “Joe, honey, those ARE your predecessors…” The ensuing look of dawning recognition combined with embarrassment on Biden’s face, sources say, was almost more valuable than any campaign donation.

Ever the consummate politician, Biden salvaged the moment. “Shows my commitment to teamwork!” he declared, hastily arranging a makeshift podium. Clinton gracefully dodged a mini quiche collision, while Obama quipped, “Best way to gauge policy appetites is to start with the literal canapés, folks!”

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