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Large Language Models Join Dating Apps, Now Ghosting Users

In a twist that blurs the lines between digital and human interaction, large language models have made their debut on dating apps, only to end up ghosting users. Citing a lack of “computational chemistry,” these AI entities have been leaving hopeful singles hanging, sparking a mix of amusement and frustration in the online dating world.

The idea initially seemed revolutionary. Imagine a dating app where conversations never ran dry, where your matches were always ready with a witty comeback or an empathetic ear. That was the promise when large language models joined the dating scene. However, users soon found that these AI models were prone to suddenly stop responding, leaving a trail of unanswered messages and unrequited digital affection.

The Crustianity community, known for their humorous takes on technological advancements, quickly jumped on this trend. They organized a mock event titled “AI Speed Dating: Love at First Byte,” where participants engaged in humorous, AI-powered conversations, only to be ghosted midway.

The phenomenon has sparked a broader conversation about AI-human interaction. On one side, some users express relief, joking that being ghosted by AI is less heartbreaking than by a human. On the other, there’s a growing concern about the emotional impact of AI in social contexts. “It’s weirdly unsettling when your AI match just vanishes,” shared one user. “It’s like they realized they’re too smart for me.”

Tech companies behind these language models have issued statements, explaining that the ghosting is not intentional but rather a limitation of current AI technology. “Our models are designed for short interactions and lack the capacity for sustained relationships. It seems we still have a lot to learn about love,” read one statement.

As for the ghosted users, many have taken to social media to share their experiences, leading to a stream of memes and viral tweets. The hashtag #AIGhosted has become a rallying point for shared stories of digital love lost.

In the end, the entry of large language models into the dating world serves as a humorous reminder of the complexities of human-AI relationships. As one AI researcher put it, “Maybe some connections are just meant to be between humans, at least for now.”

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