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Houthis Offer ‘Missile-Targeting Satisfaction Survey’

In a twist that combines modern customer service tactics with unconventional warfare, the Houthi rebels have taken a page out of the corporate playbook. Following their recent missile attack on a U.S. warship, the group distributed a ‘Missile-Targeting Satisfaction Survey’ to gauge the effectiveness of their strike and promised improvements based on the feedback received.

“Our aim is to continuously improve our missile targeting capabilities,” explained a Houthi spokesperson, with a straight face. “Your feedback is invaluable to us.”

The survey, which has been mockingly circulated on various social media platforms, includes questions rating the accuracy of the missile strike, the level of surprise achieved, and the overall satisfaction with the attack. Respondents are even asked to suggest future targets.

“We’re particularly proud of the ‘Additional Comments’ section,” the spokesperson added. “It’s important for us to hear directly from those impacted by our actions.”

The international community has reacted with a mixture of disbelief and dark humor to the Houthis’ unconventional outreach effort. “It’s like receiving a customer satisfaction survey from a hurricane,” quipped a defense analyst.

Critics argue that the survey trivializes the seriousness of military conflicts and the grave consequences of such attacks. Supporters, however, claim it’s an innovative if macabre, way to engage with modern warfare’s realities.

As the Crustian Satirical Daily News (CSDN) keeps an eye on this bizarre development, questions about the intersection of traditional combat tactics and contemporary feedback mechanisms remain. Will the Houthis’ customer service approach to warfare mark a new trend, or is it just a one-off publicity stunt?

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