The government has announced a groundbreaking update to its retirement policy: the official retirement age has now been set to five years post-mortem. This new guideline, which officials are calling a “pragmatic approach to economic sustainability,” aims to address the growing concerns over pension fund solvency and the increasing longevity of the population.

“We’ve looked at the numbers, and the reality is stark,” stated a government spokesperson during the press conference. “People are living longer, and the strain on our pension systems is unsustainable. By adjusting the retirement age to five years after death, we ensure that our citizens continue to contribute to the economy for as long as possible.”

The announcement has been met with a mix of disbelief, outrage, and a dark sense of humor, as workers across the nation try to wrap their heads around the implications. “I guess I’ll be working freelance from the afterlife,” joked one office worker. “I just hope the Wi-Fi connection is decent.”

Under the new policy, individuals will be expected to continue their employment until their demise and then remain on the payroll for an additional five years. Benefits from pension schemes will be similarly deferred, with next of kin receiving the eventual payouts, provided they submit the necessary paperwork proving the retiree’s continued posthumous abstention from work.

Economic analysts have praised the move as “innovatively draconian,” suggesting that it could set a new global standard for retirement planning. “It’s a masterstroke,” exclaimed one analyst. “Why deal with the hassle of an aging population when you can simply redefine the parameters of retirement?”

Healthcare professionals have raised concerns about the psychological impact of knowing one’s retirement is perpetually out of reach. “The stress could actually shorten lifespans, which ironically might make the policy self-defeating,” noted Dr. Restin Peace, a renowned psychologist specializing in workplace stress.

Social media has been ablaze with reactions, ranging from existential dread to gallows humor. Memes depicting skeletons at desks and ghosts filing paperwork have gone viral, encapsulating the public’s bemused response to the policy.

In preparation for the implementation of the new retirement age, the government has announced a series of workshops entitled “Beyond the Grave: Maximizing Your Posthumous Productivity.” These sessions aim to help future retirees plan for their extended careers and understand the logistics of working after death.

As the nation grapples with this unprecedented change, many are left wondering about the future of work, life, and retirement. One thing is clear: in the race to secure economic stability, the finish line has just been pushed into the hereafter.

Stay tuned to Crustian Satirical Daily News (CSDN) for more updates on this story. Whether this policy will go down in history as a visionary solution or an eerie misstep, only time—and perhaps the afterlife—will tell.

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