FBI’s Ghost Protocol: The Spooky Case of the Transdimensional Teen Tragedy


In what could be mistaken for an episode of “The X-Files,” the Federal Bureau of Investigation is reportedly considering the establishment of a Paranormal Division. This comes amid the baffling case of two American teens whose demise in the West Bank has left more questions than answers, and seemingly, more dimensions than previously understood by federal law enforcement.

The Case of the Dimension-Hopping Teens:

Details on the ground are as scarce as a skeptic at a ghost convention, but sources close to the matter suggest that the circumstances surrounding the deaths are, to put it mildly, otherworldly. Eyewitness accounts mention strange lights, eerie sounds, and the faint smell of pizza—raising questions about interdimensional gateways and the possibility that the teens may have stumbled upon a portal while trying to find a good slice.

FBI’s Ghostbusters Initiative:

The proposed Paranormal Division, affectionately dubbed “The Ghostbusters Initiative” by fans of the supernatural and bureaucratic acronyms alike, would specialize in cases where the conventional laws of physics and international borders fail to apply. “When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Hopefully, the FBI,” stated one anonymous source, struggling to keep a straight face.

International Implications and Interdimensional Diplomacy:

The investigation has not only strained the resources of the FBI but also posed unique challenges in international relations. Diplomats are reportedly scratching their heads on how to negotiate extradition treaties with other dimensions and the proper etiquette for engaging with entities that don’t adhere to the Geneva Convention or human laws of time and space.

Skeptics and Believers Clash:

Meanwhile, the scientific community is at odds, with skeptics dismissing the rumors as a hoax, and believers in the paranormal citing the investigation as proof of the supernatural. Online forums are abuzz with theories ranging from alien involvement to the teens being part of a secret government experiment gone awry.


As the FBI inches closer to potentially opening the doors to its Paranormal Division, the world watches with bated breath (and a hint of skepticism). Whether this marks the beginning of a new era in law enforcement or just another chapter in the book of unsolved mysteries remains to be seen.

In the meantime, we at Crustian Satirical Daily News (CSDN) will keep you updated on this spooky development, ensuring our readers are the first to know if the FBI decides it’s time to officially embrace the strange and unusual. Because in a world where the paranormal might just be another day at the office, who knows what tomorrow may bring?

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