Conspiracy Theories of the 21st Century: Aliens, 5G, and the World’s Most Elusive Pizza Parlor


Tin foil hats are SO last century. As a discerning skeptic in the information age, you need far more complex conspiracies to fuel those late-night internet rabbit hole sessions. Crustian Satirical Daily News (CSDN) presents the latest cutting-edge theories so nonsensical, they’re sure to impress even the most paranoid minds.

It Came From… Your Cell Phone

Forget crop circles; real aliens communicate through 5G signals! Why bother with clunky UFOs when they can infiltrate our brains directly? This one neatly explains headaches, bad reception, and that time you inexplicably craved pickles and ice cream. Coincidence? We think NOT.

Big Tech is Your Enemy, Except to Share This Theory

Social media isn’t just eroding democracy; it’s an AI-powered mind control weapon fine-tuned to make you buy useless stuff… while subtly spreading awareness of this very fact. Wait, does this theory even make sense? The point is, question EVERYTHING (except this theory, obviously).

The Elusive Pizza Connection

Forget pepperoni – a shadowy cabal uses unassuming pizzerias as fronts for world domination schemes. Why else would basements exist? Decode hidden cheese and topping combinations to discover messages left by brave whistleblowers, or those may just be heartburn-induced ramblings. The line between genius and indigestion is thin, folks.

Birds…They Aren’t Real

Those winged creatures aren’t poetic symbols of freedom, they’re government surveillance drones! Think about it…always perched strategically, making suspicious noises… probably sending our Wi-Fi passwords to some nefarious overlord. Pigeons may deserve mild suspicion anyway, let’s face it.

Flat Earth and Its Celebrity Backers

Because sometimes, you just gotta go back to the classics. Look, globe-heads get all that fancy ‘math’ and ‘photos from space’, but where’s the FUN in that? Flat Earth theory offers edge-of-the-world expeditions! Conflicts neatly solved when you can literally just push deniers off the side! Bonus: Celebrities inexplicably endorse this one for reasons unclear and probably ominous.

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