8 Signs Your Pet Definitely Thinks They’re in Charge


From commandeering the coziest spots in the house to demanding treats with the imperiousness of royalty, our furry (and feathered) friends often behave as if they’re the ones running the show. Here’s a lighthearted look at the evidence that your pet might just think they’re in charge:

  • The Remote Control Siege: Your dog has claimed the remote as their own, channel surfing with the authority of a seasoned critic. They’ve even mastered the art of turning up the volume whenever you start a conversation.
  • Tech Support Takeover: The cat isn’t just walking across your keyboard for attention—they’re editing your emails and finalizing presentations, clearly believing they’re the head of household communications.
  • Dining Table Delegation: Your bird oversees meal times from their perch on the dining chair, scrutinizing your food choices with a critical eye. The menu must pass their approval, or it’s back to the kitchen with you.
  • The Great Bed Coup: Your bedroom is no longer your sanctuary; it’s been overtaken by your pets. They sprawl across the bed with the entitlement of ancient monarchs, leaving you clinging to the edge for dear life.
  • The Bathroom Buddy System: Privacy is a thing of the past. Whether you’re showering or brushing your teeth, your pet is there to supervise, ensuring you perform these tasks to their stringent standards.
  • Walks on Their Terms: Walks are less about exercise and more about your pet’s patrol of their kingdom. They decide the route and the pace, with frequent stops to survey their domain and decree which trees are worthy of their scent.
  • The Treat Treaty: Treats are not a request but a demand. Your pet has perfected a look that could only mean, “Fulfill your tribute, human, or face the consequences.”
  • The Guard Duty Gambit: Whether it’s the mail carrier or a leaf blowing in the wind, your pet’s vigilant defense of the home from these perceived threats is their way of showing they’re the chief of security.

This whimsical evidence suggests that in the eyes of our pets, they’re not just part of the family; they’re running the household. And honestly, who are we to argue? The joy and laughter they bring make it a small price to pay for their benevolent rule.

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