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7 Overrated Things We Need to Stop Pretending to Like(Controversial food, ‘classic’ movies…proceed with caution)

In our relentless pursuit of cultural validation, we often find ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of hyped trends and supposed ‘must-likes’. The Crustian Satirical Daily News (CSDN) is taking a stand, peeling back the veneer of social conformity to reveal the plain truth about some of society’s most overrated entities.

Dive headfirst into this tongue-in-cheek look at the everyday absurdities we’re somehow all tacitly expected to adore. It’s time to reevaluate our feigned affections and admit that perhaps, just maybe, we’re not all on board with these so-called favorites.

1. Kale: The Bitter Pill Masquerading as a Superfood

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Kale, with its lofty position atop the superfood hierarchy, demands our adoration and respect. Yet, beneath the hype lurks a leaf so tough and bitter that it challenges even the most determined health enthusiasts. Full of virtue, they say, but requiring massaging, seasoning, and often a disguise in fruitier concoctions to become palatable. This leafy green is hailed for its nutrients, but there’s a bounty of other vegetables waiting in the wings, offering similar benefits without kale’s stringent demands on our taste buds.

2. Influencer Culture: The Empire of Illusion

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The rise of influencers has brought with it a new wave of digital celebrity, but there’s a hollowness to this glitzy spectacle. We find our feeds flooded with picture-perfect moments, aspirational lifestyles that more often highlight a brand than a reality. It can be entertaining, certainly, but when the curated façade becomes the expected norm, one has to wonder where the person behind the product placements has gone.

3. Pumpkin Spice Everything: Seasonal Overdose

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When autumn leaves begin to fall, so does the meteoric rise of pumpkin spice, showering every product imaginable with its ubiquitous flavor. Though once a delight signaling the onset of fall, its omnipresence from September onwards has made this trend more wearying than whimsical. Pumpkin spice’s reach even extends beyond the palate, infiltrating scents and décor until we are wading through a monotonous sea of cinnamon and nutmeg.

4. Rom-Coms with Unrealistic Endings: Fabricating Fairytales

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Romantic comedies like “Serving Sara” showcase the ‘perfect’ love story with tropes that paint every miscommunication as charming and every problem as solvable with a dramatic gesture. However, these portrayals set unrealistic expectations for relationships. The escapades and neat resolutions in films such as “Serving Sara” might be entertaining, but they’re far from the messiness and complexity of real-life love.

It’s time to question our infatuation with these idealized narratives and champion stories that reflect the true nature of relationships: imperfect, challenging, and frequently unresolved. Moving away from the fairy-tale endings to a more genuine depiction of romance can help set healthier expectations and allow us to appreciate the real and raw journey of love.

5. Artistic Films That Defy Comprehension: The Elitist Enigma

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Let’s face it, the admiration for films that are ‘deeply metaphorical’ and ‘intentionally obscure’ needs to cease being a badge of honor. Pi (1998) is a perfect case in point. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, it’s a film that wraps itself in a facade of highbrow artistry, presenting a mathematical labyrinth that’s more perplexing than enlightening.

While a deep dive by Wired has attempted to unpack its intricate puzzles, the question arises: Why should film be a test of patience and intellectual might? Pi, with its relentless barrage of symbology draped in grainy footage, seems to serve more as an intellectual gatekeeper than a piece of entertainment. It’s less about storytelling and more about challenging the audience to a duel of wits.

Let’s stop pretending that artistry equates to alienation. Movies like Pi might have their place, but extolling impenetrability as the hallmark of cinematic genius disregards the beauty of accessible storytelling that resonates with a broader audience.

6. Tiny Handbags & Pocketless Pants: The Fashion Function Faux Pas

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The latest trends on catwalks, like mini handbags and pocketless pants, are increasingly favoring form over function, pushing a fashion narrative that overlooks the practical needs of everyday life. Such styles may make a bold aesthetic statement but at the cost of convenience, often leaving wearers with no place to carry their daily essentials.

Fashion’s true aim should be to empower rather than restrict, blending artistic expression with utility. Unfortunately, current trends seem to ignore the pragmatic aspects of design, assuming that style can trump substance without consequence. However, practicality has a persistent way of dictating the longevity and real-world success of such fashion choices.

7. Avocado Toast: The Emblem of Gentrified Snacking

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Avocado toast, for all its creamy allure and touted health benefits, has become an overhyped emblem of trendy, yet overrated gastronomy. While the dish gained fame for its simplicity and the richness of ‘good fats’, it has since been needlessly exalted, ascending to a level of culinary reverence that far exceeds its practical value. This millennial darling of the breakfast world commands an inflated price tag that belies its basic ingredients – bread and fruit. Its glorified status has morphed into a caricature of contemporary dining, where style often trumps substance, leading to a gaping disconnect between its actual nutritional worth and the cultural cachet it carries.

Embedding itself into the backbone of ‘chic’ eateries everywhere, avocado toast’s supposed novelty distracts from the underlying reality: it’s a grossly marked-up toast point that contributes to a pervasive culture of consumer excess. This once-modest offering, now paraded as a sophisticated dish, has become symptomatic of a broader societal tendency to assign grandiosity to the mundane. The toast has drifted so far from its roots that it’s become a culinary Trojan horse, standing as a shining example of what happens when fad takes precedence over function, ensnaring us in a cycle of overconsumption and pretense in our pursuit of the so-called “good life.”

Let us collectively unshackle ourselves from the chains of pretense and overrated fashions. The freedom to choose what we truly enjoy, regardless of its popularity or perceived cultural value, is the cornerstone of a diverse and rich personal experience. It’s through an honest exploration of our preferences that we carve out a unique cultural identity that genuinely reflects who we are, rather than who we are told to be.

As we bid adieu to pretension and embrace our authenticity, remember that you don’t have to like kale or chase pumpkin spice in the fall. You have the power to decide whether to double-tap that influencer’s post or to skip the rom-com for something more grounded. Go forth, let your individual preferences shine, and allow your true tastes to come to the fore. It’s your life, your choices, and your story to write — no ‘likes’ necessary.

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