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Vladimir Putin Announces Creation of ‘Super Duma’: Now with More Capes and Secret Identities

In an unexpected twist on global politics, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the creation of the ‘Super Duma’, a legislative body purportedly designed to bring a more dynamic approach to governance. This revamped assembly will feature members donning capes and secret identities, in what Kremlin insiders are calling a “bold move to reinvigorate the political landscape.”

The announcement came during a televised event that had all the pomp of a superhero movie premiere. Putin, standing before an impressive digital backdrop of a futuristic Moscow, unveiled the first members of the Super Duma. Each made a dramatic entrance, complete with smoke machines and theme music, before striking a pose and revealing their new, secret codenames.

“Today, we embark on a new chapter in Russian politics,” declared Putin, as he introduced legislators such as ‘The Fiscal Falcon’, ‘Madame Veto’, and ‘The Red Regulator’. Each member, according to Putin, possesses “extraordinary abilities” to tackle the complex issues facing the nation, from economic reform to international relations.

Critics have raised eyebrows at the spectacle, questioning the efficacy of capes in policy-making and the practicality of secret identities in public service. However, supporters argue that the Super Duma will inspire a new generation of civic engagement, with young Russians particularly excited about the prospect of their representatives battling it out in the political arena—both metaphorically and, perhaps, literally.

The Kremlin has also hinted at the construction of a ‘Duma Lair’, a high-tech underground facility where members can convene in secret to devise their strategies for national development. Rumors suggest that the lair will be equipped with the latest in cybersecurity defenses and a state-of-the-art parliamentary chamber, designed to withstand even the most heated debates.

As the world watches this superhero saga unfold, questions abound. Will the Super Duma succeed in its mission to revitalize Russian politics? Or will it become a mere spectacle, a distraction from the pressing issues at hand? Only time will reveal the fate of this ambitious project, but one thing is clear: in Russia, politics just got a whole lot more interesting.

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