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Vaccine Does Half the Job, CDC Half-Excited

With precision that could only be described as “mathematically muddled,” this latest statistic has plunged the public into a semi-state of semi-relief. “It’s like being told your umbrella will definitely protect you from rain, but only on the left side,” commented one particularly perplexed person, trying to make sense of the announcement while standing on one leg, presumably to practice being half-safe.

The news has sparked a flurry of half-hearted reactions from across the nation. Some citizens have been seen wearing masks on just one ear, while others debate whether social distancing should now be reduced to three feet instead of six, or if handshakes should only involve the use of a single finger.

In response to the widespread confusion, a CDC spokesperson attempted to clarify, stating, “We’re moderately excited about these results. It’s better than a coin toss, but not quite a slam dunk.” This attempt at reassurance, however, has only succeeded in creating a new social media challenge where people try to do everyday tasks with exactly 54% effort, leading to a series of half-baked pies and partially mowed lawns across social media platforms.

Satirists have had a field day, with one notable Crustianity pundit quipping, “At this rate, we might as well start developing vaccines that are 100% effective at making us question everything.” Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists are convinced that the 54% figure is a coded message, possibly indicating the number of aliens currently in congress.

In light of the confusion, the CDC has launched a new campaign titled “Fully Half-Way There,” complete with infographics that are equally informative and mystifying. These include a pie chart sliced into an uneven 54/46 split, labeled “Your Chances: Pretty Good, Sort Of.”

As the nation navigates this half-whelming news, one thing is clear: when it comes to understanding what 54% effectiveness really means, we’re all in the same boat—presumably one that’s only half-afloat.

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