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U.S. Finally Swipes Right on Ceasefire Proposal After Playing Hard to Get

The United States, in a move akin to a seasoned Tinder pro, has finally swiped right on a ceasefire proposal after what seemed like an eternity of playing hard to get. Sources close to the matter say the U.S., known for its flirtatious foreign policy maneuvers, had been eyeing the proposal like a potential match for weeks, sending mixed signals that had international diplomats guessing.

The ceasefire, much like a coveted date, had been waiting patiently for the U.S.’s approval, while the latter played the field, engaging in a diplomatic dance that included late-night strategy sessions, ghosting allies on crucial calls, and occasionally sending out cryptic tweets that were open to interpretation. Critics argue that the U.S. was merely prolonging the courtship to see if a better offer came along, leaving the proposal on read in an agonizing state of limbo.

Supporters of the ceasefire, however, have been swiping left in frustration, accusing the U.S. of leading the proposal on without any intention of commitment. “It’s like watching someone you know is perfect for you just ignore your messages,” lamented one diplomat, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of ending up on the wrong side of future negotiations.

The turning point came after a leaked memo revealed the U.S. describing the proposal as “not too shabby,” suggesting it might be “the one.” This revelation sent shockwaves through the international community, prompting urgent consultations and a flurry of activity on secure communication channels, as nations scrambled to update their status in relation to the ceasefire.

In a statement released to the press, the U.S. announced its decision to match with the ceasefire proposal, describing it as a “strategic alignment of interests” and a “testament to the enduring power of diplomatic courtship.” The statement, however, stopped short of declaring exclusive commitment, leaving room for the U.S. to keep its options open, much to the chagrin of relationship experts advocating for more stable unions in global affairs.

As the ceasefire begins its trial period, the world watches with bated breath, hoping this match doesn’t end in a sudden ghosting or, worse, a public breakup tweet. Meanwhile, dating coaches and political analysts alike are studying this unprecedented courtship, eager to decode the U.S.’s flirtatious diplomacy tactics for future generations.

In the end, whether this match leads to a lasting peace or ends in an awkward unmatching remains to be seen. But for now, the U.S. has reminded everyone that in the game of international relations, it’s never too late to swipe right.

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