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The Line: Why Is Saudi Arabia Making The First Cocaine Themed City?

Last updated on March 19, 2024

In an ambitious bid to diversify its portfolio beyond oil and into more… powdery ventures, Saudi Arabia has announced its latest mega-project: the world’s first cocaine-themed city. Dubbed “The Line,” this initiative promises a snort-worthy experience, leveraging the kingdom’s vast wealth to create a destination for those looking to get high on life (and architecture).

A High Concept

At the heart of “The Line” is a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and unparalleled recreation. The city’s design, resembling a line of the powdery substance itself, stretches for miles across the desert. Planners promise a seamless blend of high-speed transit systems and “fast-lane” living, ensuring residents can zip from one end of the city to the other faster than you can say “nose candy.”

Economic Diversification or High-Stakes Gamble?

Critics are calling the project an audacious gamble, questioning the wisdom of basing urban development on themes typically found in the back rooms of nightclubs rather than economic textbooks. However, proponents argue that “The Line” will attract tourists and investors alike, drawn by the city’s unique theme and the promise of experiencing the “high life” in a literal sense.

Cultural Impact and Controversy

The announcement has stirred up a dust storm of controversy, with international observers raising eyebrows at the boldness of the theme. “Is Saudi Arabia really the best place for a cocaine-themed city?” asks one cultural critic, highlighting the kingdom’s traditionally strict stance on narcotics. In response, officials clarify that “The Line” is metaphorical, aiming to capture the spirit of energy and dynamism, rather than any illicit activities.

What to Expect in “The Line”

Visitors can look forward to attractions such as the “Sniff and Ski Resort,” where artificial snow provides year-round skiing opportunities, and the “Powder Pavilion,” a museum dedicated to the history of stimulants in human culture. The city will also feature a “High Street” shopping district, where the only thing higher than the buildings will be the prices.

The Verdict

As construction begins, the world watches with bated breath to see if Saudi Arabia’s cocaine-themed city will become a landmark achievement or a cautionary tale. In either case, “The Line” is set to be a talking point in urban development circles for years to come, proving that when it comes to innovation, some ideas are just too wild to snort at.

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