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Thailand Says ‘I Do’ to Love (and Tourism Dollars): A Match Made in Economic Heaven

Thailand, a country known for its spicy food, stunning beaches, and now, its burning love for marriage equality, is fluttering its eyelashes at the LGBTQ community. But is it true love or just flirting with the economic perks of rainbow weddings?

In a move that could have cupid trading his arrows for a gavel, Thai lawmakers have recently passed the first reading of four draft bills on marriage equality. The LGBTQ community, long engaged in a game of legal ‘will they, won’t they,’ is now watching the courtship with bated breath.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, playing matchmaker, has hinted at a vision where Bangkok could one day throw the bouquet as the host of ‘WorldPride.’ One wonders if the streets filled with parades will soon be lined with wedding chapels churning out nuptials faster than street vendors can say ‘Pad Thai’.

While love is in the air, some can’t help but sniff the scent of economic gain mingling with the perfume of equality. Law lecturer Nada Chaiyajit insists that this marriage should be for love, not money – a noble sentiment echoed by romantics and activists alike. But with Thailand’s economy saying ‘I do’ to the wedding industry’s lucrative charm, can we blame the government for swiping right on this match made in financial heaven?

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