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Supreme Court Justices Deadlocked in Debate Over Which Fast Food Chain Has the Best Fries

In a stunning display of divided opinion, the Supreme Court is deadlocked in a debate that could shake the very foundation of American society: which fast food chain reigns supreme in the realm of French fries?

The case, lovingly dubbed “McDonald’s v. Burger Barn et al.” by court wags, arose from a seemingly mundane trademark dispute. However, during oral arguments, a question posed by Justice Sonia Sotomayor regarding the “distinctly limp” quality of a competitor’s fries ignited a firestorm.

Justice Clarence Thomas, known for his stoicism, surprised everyone by launching into a passionate defense of the “crisp and consistent” nature of Wendy’s fries. Justice Elena Kagan countered with a spirited endorsement of Arby’s curly fries, praising their “unique texture and satisfying heft.”

The debate raged for hours, with each Justice championing their favorite fry. Justice Breyer, ever the pragmatist, suggested a multi-tiered system based on regional availability and dipping sauce compatibility. Justice Alito, ever the traditionalist, insisted that only “proper” French fries, thin and crispy, deserved consideration.

The public is following the case with rapt attention. Social media is ablaze with #FryGate and #JusticeFry hashtags, with users passionately defending their preferred fast food fries. Food critics are offering their expert opinions, while late-night talk shows are lampooning the high court’s unexpected culinary showdown.

With no clear consensus in sight, the Court has opted to rehear the case after a summer recess. Legal experts predict a potential 5-4 decision, with the fate of the nation’s best fries hanging in the balance.

Meanwhile, the American public waits with bated breath, wondering one crucial question: will their favorite fry be deemed worthy by the highest court in the land? One thing’s for sure, the debate over fast food fries has never been more…supreme.

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