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Suhoor Cooking Show Ratings Plummet: Viewers Too Sleepy to Follow Recipes

It seems even the most enticing culinary creations can’t overcome the overwhelming sleepiness that accompanies the Ramadan pre-dawn hours. Suhoor cooking shows, usually designed to inspire viewers with delicious meal ideas, are facing a surprising ratings slump this year. Instead of a flurry of culinary activity, glazed eyes and stifled yawns seem to be the main response.

The shows, bursting with cheerful chefs and tantalizing dishes, were meant to tempt viewers with easy yet nourishing Suhoor recipes. Unfortunately, they’ve proven to be more sleep-inducing than hunger-inducing. Social media is filled with drowsy viewers confessing to nodding off before noting down ingredients or, worse, waking up hours later to the smell of something burning from an abandoned attempt.

Experts suggest this might be a textbook case of good intentions backfiring. While the aim was to motivate and provide meal ideas, the reality is that many viewers, already struggling with disrupted sleep patterns due to Ramadan, are simply too exhausted to actively engage with the content. The mouthwatering visuals and energetic presenters, rather than inspiring, seem to only highlight viewers’ deep desire to climb back into bed.

The cooking show’s conundrum highlights the unique challenges of programming for those juggling food, faith, and fatigue. Some networks are now considering a radical shift: partnering with sleep experts to craft short, easy-to-follow recipes specifically designed to be prepared in a semi-conscious state. Others are looking into broadcasting calming “recipe ASMR” segments where soothing sounds of chopping and stirring might ease viewers back into slumber rather than jolt them awake.

Whether Suhoor cooking shows pivot towards simplicity or embrace their unexpected lullaby effect, one thing is certain: They’ll go down in culinary history as a testament to the overwhelming power of sleep deprivation mixed with the unwavering commitment of Ramadan observers.

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