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Spain Discovers a Perfectly Preserved Siesta Hammock from the Roman Era, Declares National Holiday

In a development that has sent shockwaves (or rather, blissful sleep waves) through the nation, Spanish archaeologists have unearthed a remarkably well-preserved Roman-era hammock during an excavation project near Valencia.  This discovery has triggered an unexpected national holiday – an indefinite siesta to celebrate this historical treasure.

“It’s a marvel!” gushes Dr. Miguel Sol, lead archaeologist on the dig.  “The craftsmanship is exquisite.  This hammock practically beckons you to take a nap in the shade of a fig tree, just like a true Roman!”

News of the find has ignited a nation obsessed with its afternoon siesta.  The Spanish parliament, in a unanimous and remarkably swift decision, declared a national holiday to allow the public to properly appreciate the ancient napping implement.  Social media is exploding with photos of Spaniards recreating Roman-style naps in hammocks, draped in togas (or bedsheets, in a pinch).

“This is more than just a hammock,” proclaims siesta enthusiast, Maria Sanchez.  “It’s a symbol!  A validation of our national love affair with the afternoon snooze!”

Not everyone is thrilled.  Business leaders warn of lost productivity, while health experts express concerns about the long-term economic and physical implications of an extended siesta.  However, their voices are drowned out by the chorus of contented snores emanating from hammocks strung across balconies and parks nationwide.

The Spanish government, however, seems unfazed by the grumblings.  Prime Minister Rodriguez, himself pictured napping blissfully in a hammock during a press conference, has announced plans to create a “Siesta Museum”  dedicated to the art of the afternoon nap.  Siesta-themed tours are being developed, and hammock manufacturers are experiencing a surge in sales.

The world watches in amusement, unsure whether to applaud Spain’s dedication to relaxation or fear the potential economic repercussions.  Will this siesta ever end?  Only time (and perhaps a well-timed alarm clock) will tell!

Stay tuned for further developments on this historic siesta celebration – or should we say, siesta-bration?

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