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Secret to Immortality Discovered: Just Be Wealthy

Forget beachfront mansions and superyachts, the ultimate billionaire status symbol just became…not dying. In a development that’s simultaneously fascinating and infuriating, tech moguls and hedge fund titans are pouring obscene amounts of money into life extension research, determined to cheat the Grim Reaper – provided you have a nine-zero net worth.

“We’re not just living longer, we’re aiming for agelessness,” declares one Silicon Valley CEO, likely while sipping a smoothie blended with unicorn tears and endangered baby panda cells (we can only assume).

Here’s what’s on the menu for the wealthy would-be immortals:

  • Cryogenics Reimagined: Freezing yourself is so passé. Now, it’s all about uploading your consciousness into a bespoke robot avatar. Of course, they’re working on making those avatars look like your 25-year-old self, because who wants eternal life with wrinkles?
  • Designer Gene Editing: Forget fixing congenital diseases, this is about eradicating the very concept of age-related decline. Want to rock-climb at 250 years old? CRISPR technology has your back (just please don’t ask where they get all those test subjects).
  • Exclusive Longevity Retreats: Think luxury spas, but with stem cell infusions, organ regeneration therapies, and meditation sessions led by cyborg monks who haven’t aged in millennia.

Naturally, the plebs are less than thrilled with this development. “So, I pay taxes, work till I drop, and get to die, while billionaires get to be superhuman overlords? This seems…unfair,” grumbles one overworked barista, eyeing her boss’s suspiciously youthful glow.

Social media is a dumpster fire of memes comparing the ultra-wealthy to liches hoarding their immortality, while the rest of us desperately Google “DIY organ regeneration.”

Meanwhile, ethicists are busy having a collective meltdown. Should we even pursue immortality, and if so, shouldn’t it be a basic human right instead of a perk for the 1%? Philosophical debates rage, even as the world’s richest compete for spots on the first commercial space flight to a “youth-restoring” asteroid.

The race for immortality raises a troubling prospect: A future where death becomes a class issue. Those with fortunes can eternally upgrade themselves, while the rest of us are stuck with regular old biological expiration dates and a growing sense of righteous fury.

One thing’s for sure: the quest for immortality is no longer the realm of sci-fi novels. It’s happening, the price tag is outrageous, and the implications for humanity are as fascinating as they are ominous.

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