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Scientists Discover the ‘Racism Gene’: Prescribe Regular Doses of Education and Empathy as Cure

Last updated on March 20, 2024

In a breakthrough (or perhaps a publicity stunt?), a research team claims to have identified a genetic variant linked to racist tendencies. Coined the delightfully insensitive term “prejudice predisposition factor” (PPF), the discovery has the scientific community scratching its head and social justice warriors reaching for their metaphorical bullhorns.

The study, published in the (possibly not-so-prestigious) journal “Genetics of Grumpiness,” proposes a link between PPF and a higher likelihood of holding prejudiced views. However, researchers are quick to point out that it’s not a “racist gene” in the traditional sense. Think of it more like a “sugar susceptibility gene” – it increases the risk, but environmental factors play a huge role.

Here’s where things get interesting (and a little satirical). The proposed “cure” for PPF isn’t a fancy pill or gene therapy. Doctors recommend a regimen of… wait for it… education and exposure to diverse cultures.

Critics are having a field day. “So they’re saying racism is learned, not inherent? Who knew!” quips Dr. Sarcasti of the Institute for Obvious Observations. Others point out the ethical concerns. Is this a slippery slope towards forced re-education camps for the genetically “prejudiced”?

The lead researcher, Dr. Pollyanna Truthful, assures everyone it’s not about coercion. “Think of it as a preventative measure. If someone is predisposed to higher cholesterol, we recommend a healthy diet. Here, we’re simply suggesting exposure to understanding and empathy.”

The truth, as always, is likely more complex. Genetics might play a role, but racism is a societal illness, not a biological one. Disinformation, fear-mongering, and lack of exposure fuel the fire. Perhaps the real “cure” lies in dismantling those systems and fostering genuine human connection.

So, the next time you hear about the “racism gene,” remember, it’s probably not the whole story. Focus on building bridges, not walls. And maybe throw in a history lesson or two for good measure.

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