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Psychologists Warn of New Disorder: Wordle Withdrawal Symptoms Include Random Letter Shouting

The seemingly innocuous daily word puzzle, Wordle, has become a surprising global obsession … and mental health experts are sounding the alarm. Turns out, that satisfying feeling of nailing a five-letter word can come with a hefty dose of addiction.

“We’re seeing patients who can’t function outside of their Wordle fix,” warns Dr. Beatrice Spellman, a specialist in obsessive behaviors. “They start seeing the world in a grid of yellow, green, and grey squares. Involuntary shouts of words like ‘CRANE’ and ‘ADIEU’ in public are worryingly common.”

The symptoms only worsen. Some sufferers report fixating on floor tiles, desperately trying to make words. Others have taken to rearranging Scrabble tiles during family gatherings. “My husband even tried to spell out ‘ALOFT’ with the alphabet magnets on the fridge,” one distraught wife lamented.

Wordle devotees scoff at such accusations. “It’s just a harmless mental workout,” insists Karen Crosswordsen, who admits to thinking about Wordle “only 95% of the time.” Yet, the telltale signs are there – the frantic scramble at midnight for a new Wordle hit, the manic gleam in the eye when a tough word is conquered.

Psychologists fear we may be at the start of a full-blown epidemic of ‘Wordlemania.’ Support groups are forming, where recovering addicts swap tips on how to go a whole day without pondering vowel placement.

In the meantime, if you see someone staring intently at a bowl of alphabet soup or muttering five-letter synonyms for ‘tired,’ an intervention may be necessary. And for goodness sake, hide the Scrabble set.

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