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Palm Sunday Sermon Goes Viral as Preacher Accidentally Roasts Congregation for Posting Selfies Instead of Paying Attention

“And Let Us All Take a Selfie with Jesus!” Viral Sermon Exposes Hypocrisy in the Age of Selfies

Smalltown, USA – A regular Palm Sunday service unexpectedly became viral when Reverend Thomas Henderson delivered a biting sermon. As he spoke about Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, the sight of numerous smartphones directed at him led to an unplanned tirade.

“As Jesus entered the city, his followers rejoiced! They waved branches, shouted praises, and…wait? Are those phones I see? Yes, yes, let’s all get a quick selfie with Jesus!” he exclaimed, his voice filled with unexpected sarcasm.

The congregation shifted uncomfortably as Reverend Henderson’s unintended social commentary continued. “Don’t worry about being present in this moment. The Instagram likes are certainly more important than witnessing the miracle of faith in your own lives!”

The sermon turned into an impromptu critique of contemporary worship, underlining the thin line between devotion and social media performance. “Are those filters I see? ‘Jesus Clarendon’ perhaps? Or a touch of ‘Blessed Blur’ to disguise that you were half-asleep during the opening hymns?”

As the sermon made rounds on the internet, #SelfieSermon trended alongside video clips of stunned parishioners and Reverend Henderson’s confused yet increasingly spirited commentary. Initially embarrassed, the Reverend eventually accepted his unexpected viral fame.

“Maybe this is what the Lord intended,” Reverend Henderson reflected during a Good Morning America interview. “A much-needed reminder that true worship requires presence, not pixels.”

This incident has ignited a nationwide debate. “Finding the Sacred Offline: A 30-Day Social Media Detox for the Soul” and other self-help guides are selling out rapidly. Meanwhile, a competing church has announced a “Selfie with the Savior” photo booth event, promising enhanced lighting and a backdrop of fluffy clouds for the perfect Instagram-worthy worship experience.

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