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Middle East Peace Process Talks Stall as Negotiators Argue Over Hummus Recipe Authenticity

Last updated on March 22, 2024

Hummus-Fueled Fury: Middle East Peace Talks Crumble Amidst Recipe Debate

JERUSALEM – A promising round of Middle East peace talks came to a screeching halt today, not over disputed borders or complex historical grievances, but in an unprecedented culinary clash: the Great Hummus Debate.

Veteran negotiators, renowned for their steely composure, were observed devolving into heated squabbles over the proper ratio of tahini to chickpeas, the legitimacy of adding pine nuts, and whether paprika is a garnish or an abomination.

“This is a travesty! A mockery!” exclaimed a Palestinian delegate, his voice rising above the din. “Any so-called hummus that includes cumin is an insult to the Palestinian people and an obstacle to peace!”

His Israeli counterpart, visibly flushed, retorted, “This is the real deal, passed down for generations. Your version is bland, an embarrassment to the very concept of the chickpea!”

As accusations of culinary inauthenticity flew across the table, seasoned UN mediators looked on in a mixture of horror and amusement. One seasoned diplomat was spotted discreetly dipping carrot sticks into a suspiciously smooth, store-bought container of hummus, whispering, “Sometimes neutrality is the most delicious path.”

Rumors abound that the US envoy attempted to salvage the situation with a hastily organized hummus competition, judged by a local falafel vendor. This attempt at culinary diplomacy reportedly backfired spectacularly, leading to accusations of favoritism, bribery by way of extra crispy falafel, and a near-brawl over the freshness of the pita bread.

Analysts are now questioning whether the Middle East peace process, long bogged down by fundamental disagreements, can ever overcome such deep divisions in chickpea philosophy.

“Perhaps,” mused one exasperated commentator, “instead of borders, they should draw lines directly on a giant map made of hummus. At least then they’d have something to negotiate with that they all actually like. “

Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation, and a possible recipe exchange as a last-ditch effort to save the talks…

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