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Jesus Spotted Walking on Water, Immediately Swarmed by People Demanding He Teach Them How to Do It for TikTok

Last updated on March 27, 2024

Son of God Walks on Water, But Can He Go the Distance for TikTok?

SEA OF GALILEE – In a striking event that was equally awe-inspiring and jarring, the historical figure of Jesus Christ, known to many as the Son of God, was seen casually strolling across the Sea of Galilee yesterday. This event, often referred to as a miraculous display, quickly became popular on social media. A crowd of onlookers gathered, not so much to witness the divine occurrence, but to record it for their TikTok followers in hopes of viral fame.

“It was completely unreal, unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” said Mary Magdelene, a local influencer known for her “Blessed Bread Baking” tutorials. “There he was, standing on the water as if it were solid ground, and I knew it was the perfect chance to create some high-quality content!”

This sentiment resonated with the crowd, a diverse group of aspiring viral stars. Instead of awe and reverence, the atmosphere was charged with the frantic buzz of smartphones, as owners jostled to get the best shot of Jesus walking on water.

“Can you do it again, but closer? Maybe with a cool filter?” one ambitious videographer shouted, highlighting the lengths people would go to for viral content.

Jesus, according to perplexed witnesses, seemed more amused than annoyed. He tried to deliver a sermon about faith and inner peace amidst the chaos, but his words were drowned out by requests for “water-walking hacks” and “holy hashtag suggestions.”

Meanwhile, theological scholars are astounded. “This is a blatant misuse of a miracle!” declares Professor Bartholomew Peabody, a renowned expert on early Christianity. “It isn’t about gaining social media clout; it’s about understanding faith and miracles!”

Social media, however, is buzzing with the event. #JesusOnTikTok is trending globally, with edited images of Jesus attempting the viral “WAP” dance and videos showing the Sea of Galilee replaced with a backyard swimming pool.

At the same time, opportunistic individuals are capitalizing on the frenzy. “Walk on Water for Dummies” e-books are selling rapidly, and a crowdfunding campaign for a “DIY Miracle Kit” has exceeded its fundraising goal swiftly.

Despite the chaos, a small group of disciples, filled with genuine awe and reverence, have gathered around Jesus. Whether their faith can withstand the storm of social media influencers and the quest for viral content is yet to be seen.

Stay tuned for future developments in this extraordinary saga! Will Jesus yield to the pressure to create holy TikTok challenges, or will he use this opportunity to convey a profound message about the true meaning of his miracles in the age of social media?

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