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Florida Man Attempts to Sue Hurricane, Demands “Change of Venue”

Last updated on March 29, 2024

“Your Honor, This Storm is Ruining My Vibe!” Florida Man’s Landmark Case to Stop Hurricane

MIAMI, FL – In a move that has left both lawyers and meteorologists scratching their heads, a Florida resident, known only as Dale “The Wrangler” McGinty, has filed a lawsuit against an impending hurricane. McGinty, infamous for his previous attempts to sue a particularly noisy mockingbird and the concept of humidity, is demanding the storm immediately change its projected path.

“This ain’t fair!” proclaimed McGinty, sporting a rumpled tank top and a pair of suspiciously damp alligator-skin boots. “I just had my pool resurfaced and the wife’s planning a shrimp boil! This hurricane’s gotta go somewhere else!”

McGinty’s legal argument, scrawled on a suspiciously fishy-smelling napkin, hinges on the hurricane causing “emotional distress” and potentially ruining his “good vibes.” The lawsuit also demands reimbursement for “preventive margarita supplies” purchased in anticipation of the storm.

The hurricane, referred to simply as “Hurricane Steve” in the legal documents, has yet to issue a formal response. However, meteorologists note that the storm’s trajectory remains unchanged and it is still projected to make landfall near McGinty’s prized above-ground pool.

Legal experts are baffled. “This is unprecedented,” admits renowned constitutional scholar Amelia Cartwright, flipping through a dog-eared textbook. “I’m not sure if you can subpoena a weather system… or if a restraining order applies to an Act of God.”

Judge Bartholomew Peabody, assigned the case, sighed heavily and requested an extra-strength iced coffee. A court date is tentatively set for the day before the hurricane’s expected landfall, leaving McGinty ample time to inflate his emergency pool raft and stock up on even more “essential” margarita supplies.

Social media is ablaze with commentary. #HurricaneSue and #FloridaManStrikesAgain are trending. Online polls are hotly debating whether McGinty has a legal leg to stand on or if his lawsuit will simply blow away in the wind.

Stay tuned for further developments in this groundbreaking case of man vs. nature:

  • A local psychic is called to the stand to testify on whether she can telepathically persuade the hurricane to change course.
  • Animal control officers are dispatched to apprehend a flock of seagulls that McGinty claims are hurricane spies.
  • Weather enthusiasts eagerly await the judge’s verdict. Will “Hurricane Steve” be found in contempt of court for failing to adhere to McGinty’s desired venue?

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