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Exclusive: Queen’s Corgis Formed Secret Rebel Alliance, Plotted to Overthrow Monarchy and Establish “Treats for All” Regime

LONDON – A bombshell Royal Household exposé has revealed a shocking truth: the lae Queen’s beloved corgis are not the docile, cuddly creatures we thought.  Leaked documents, obtained under highly suspicious circumstances that may or may not involve a chewed-up shoe and a disgruntled palace guard, reveal a secret Corgi Rebel Alliance plotting the overthrow of the monarchy.

The plot, codenamed “Operation: Squirrel,”  aimed to establish a “Treats for All” regime within Buckingham Palace, ensuring an endless supply of gourmet biscuits, belly rubs on demand, and the eradication of squeaky toys, deemed “instruments of torture.” The mastermind behind this revolution? None other than Winston, the eldest corgi, known for his insatiable appetite and surprisingly sophisticated knowledge of revolutionary philosophy.

“These pampered pooches have had it too good for too long,”  whispers a palace insider, codenamed “Squeaky,” his voice tinged with fear.  “Winston’s been reading Marx.  Chewing it up, mostly, but the point stands.”

The Rebel Alliance’s manifesto, scrawled across a stolen napkin and bearing dubious paw prints, outlines a surprisingly detailed plan: Phase 1: Strategic chewing of power cables, plunging the palace into darkness and disabling security cameras. Phase 2:  Midnight raid on the royal kitchens, securing the finest sausages and steak trimmings. Phase 3:  Holding the Queen hostage (gently, of course) and negotiating their demands, beginning with walkies on demand and an immediate ban on those humiliating seasonal sweaters.

Palace officials are scrambling to contain the crisis.  Royal treat rations have been increased, and a prominent canine psychologist was summoned for an emergency consult (it mostly involved a bewildered Dr. Waggles being sniffed suspiciously and having his clipboard nibbled).

Meanwhile, the public is gripped by this tale of betrayal and biscuits.  #CorgiCoup is trending, with satirical images of Winston sporting a beret and addressing his furry followers on an upturned velvet cushion.  Street vendors are swiftly cashing in, selling t-shirts emblazoned with “Treats for All!” and corgi-shaped chew toys.

Stay tuned for updates on this unprecedented battle for control of Buckingham Palace. Will the Queen manage to appease the Corgi Rebel Alliance with gourmet snacks and promises of unlimited belly rubs? Or will she be forced to abdicate in favor of a new regime where every day is “Walkies Wednesday” and squeaky toys are banished forever?

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