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Cricket Modernizes, Bats Out, Selfie Sticks In! Officials Aim to Capture Viral Wickets and Stumped Selfies

In a bid to drag a centuries-old sport into the 21st century (and boost its dwindling TikTok presence), the International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced a radical change for the upcoming World Cup: bats are out, selfie sticks are in.

“It’s about connecting with the younger generation,” insists Barnaby Boomsworth, the ICC’s social media guru and self-proclaimed “hashtag wizard.” “We need more shareable moments, those ‘did you see that?!’ clips that go viral. And what’s more relatable than a well-timed selfie?”

Traditionalists are clutching their commemorative teacups in horror. “Cricket is a gentleman’s sport,” one tweed-clad purist mumbles into his mustache, “not a narcissistic photo op!”

Yet, the ICC is undeterred. Their vision is bold: bowlers will still hurl the ball at breakneck speeds, while batters will attempt to defend their wickets armed with smartphones instead of wooden bats. Picture the drama – a fielder diving for a catch, their selfie stick outstretched, capturing a slow-motion video of the play and their own bewildered expression for instant meme potential.

Cricket tutorials are hastily rewritten. Where once young players learned the perfect cover drive, they now master the “victory smirk” selfie and the “pensive look back at smoldering remains of my wicket” shot. Tech companies jump at the opportunity, designing reinforced selfie sticks capable of withstanding a rogue fastball.

The first Selfie Stick World Cup is an unpredictable spectacle. Scores are abysmal as batters struggle to hit anything with the awkward stick, but who cares when you’ve captured the perfect “ball whizzing past my terrified face” selfie? Fielders celebrate catches with group selfies amidst the chaos. Viral clips of players accidentally hitting themselves with their sticks while attempting a shot abound.

The ICC is delighted. Viewership soars among the “it’s so bad, it’s good” crowd. Cricket finally cracks the elusive “meme-worthy” status it has craved for ages.

Whether the Selfie Stick World Cup becomes a permanent fixture is uncertain. Purists may yet succeed in returning the good old-fashioned bat to its rightful place. But for now, the world marvels at the bizarre spectacle of grown men and women chasing a tiny ball with phones in hand, proving that sometimes, the most absurd ideas are the ones that get the most likes.

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