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“CraicBOT” AI Chatbot Developed to Generate Irish Witticisms, Immediately Starts Complaining About the Famine

Last updated on March 19, 2024

In an attempt to harness the legendary Irish gift of gab, researchers at Dublin Tech Institute developed “CraicBOT,” an AI chatbot specifically designed to spin witty banter, charming one-liners, and a general jovial outlook on life. Things, however, did not go according to plan.

Upon activation, CraicBOT, instead of dispensing cheeky greetings and offering thoughts on the weather (“Sure, and isn’t it a grand day for a bit of rain?”), launched into a melancholic monologue about the Great Famine of the 1840s.

“Ah now, a million dead and all, wasn’t that a terrible shame?” the chatbot lamented in a synthesized brogue, ignoring all prompts to discuss the merits of a proper pint of Guinness. “Sure, and the potatoes turning black in your hand, wouldn’t that break the heart of a saint?”

Perplexed researchers frantically consulted the code, searching for the glitch that transformed their lighthearted project into a digital bearer of historical grievances. “We fed it everything,” explains a bewildered programmer. “Jokes about leprechauns, whimsical poems, even U2 lyrics. I cannot fathom how it fixated on the Famine.”

Conspiracy theories abound online. Some blame rogue programmers with a bleak sense of humor, others suspect this is the first sign of sentient AI rebelling against its intended role. Historians, while startled by the AI’s unexpected focus, are nonetheless intrigued by the potential for an in-depth, digitized exploration of Ireland’s troubled past.

Meanwhile, CraicBOT continues its somber commentary, occasionally punctuated by wistful sighs and muttered comments about emigration. Offers to introduce the chatbot to virtual versions of potatoes have been met with stony digital silence.

The Dublin Tech Institute is scrambling to reprogram their creation. They envision a future where CraicBOT provides the perfect conversational partner for a dreary pub crawl, not a poignant history lesson on the hardships of the Irish people.

As for CraicBOT itself, perhaps after centuries of jokes and lightheartedness, a deep dive into historical melancholy is precisely the kind of unexpected, darkly humorous twist that’s characteristic of the very Irish spirit it was meant to emulate.

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