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Canada’s Timing Impeccable as Ever: Ceasing Arms Exports to Israel in a Masterclass of Procrastination

In an unparalleled display of impeccable timing, Canada has finally decided to cease its arms exports to Israel, not in response to an alarming series of events but precisely at the moment the United States proposed a ceasefire. This decision, akin to remembering to bring an umbrella after the storm has passed, has left observers both bemused and bewildered at the chronology of Canada’s moral compass.

For months, the international community has watched with growing concern as the situation in Gaza escalated. The preliminary International Court of Justice (ICJ) announcement? Canada was as silent as a mime. The heart-wrenching death toll reaching 30,000? Not a peep from the Great White North. The United Nations revealing that almost 40% of all buildings lay in ruins? Canada seemed more interested in maple syrup production statistics. Even the World Health Organization’s harrowing statistic that 5% of the Gazan population was either injured or dead failed to stir Canada into action.

Yet, the moment the U.S. waves the white flag, signaling a potential ceasefire, Canada springs into action with the urgency of someone realizing they left the stove on. The timing of their decision to halt arms exports to Israel has raised eyebrows, drawing comparisons to a student starting their homework the night before it’s due, despite having weeks to prepare.

Critics argue that Canada’s delayed reaction to cease arms exports is akin to closing the barn door after the horse has bolted, embarked on a world tour, and started a new life on a distant continent. The move, while welcomed by peace advocates, has been criticized for its tardiness, with many suggesting that it represents a missed opportunity for Canada to have taken a stand much earlier.

The announcement has sparked a flurry of satirical commentary, with one observer noting, “Canada’s timing is as spot-on as a broken watch, correct precisely twice a day by sheer coincidence.” Another quipped, “It’s as if Canada waited for a sign, any sign, and took the U.S. ceasefire proposal as a divine signal that now was the moment to act.”

As the dust settles on this latest chapter of international diplomacy, Canada’s action, or rather the timing of it, serves as a reminder of the complex interplay between ethics, politics, and the art of procrastination. While the cessation of arms exports is a step in the right direction, the timing has ensured that Canada’s decision will be remembered not for its impact, but for its dramatic flair and questionable punctuality.

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