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Billionaires’ Space Race Rebranded as ‘Interstellar Tax Avoidance Scheme’

In a stunning revelation that has astronomers and tax attorneys alike staring skyward, the much-touted ‘Billionaires’ Space Race’ has been officially rebranded as the ‘Interstellar Tax Avoidance Scheme’. The initiative, which has seen the ultra-wealthy jettison themselves into the cosmos, is now being recognized as the most ambitious tax loophole in history, according to a press release from the Galactic Revenue Service (GRS).

The GRS spokesperson, Luna Loop-Hole, stated in a recent interview, “We’ve long suspected that the appeal of zero gravity was second only to the allure of zero taxes. After all, off-planet earnings are a grey area, both legally and literally.”

This cosmic restructuring of financial portfolios has been ingeniously marketed as an altruistic endeavor, with each billionaire vowing to plant a flag on their property – a whole planet, moon, or conveniently uninhabitable asteroid – in the name of scientific progress. Critics, however, have pointed out that these space ventures suspiciously coincide with tax season on Earth, every year without fail.

At an annual space convention, one of the participating billionaires, wearing a spacesuit emblazoned with the logos of various offshore banks, commented, “It’s not about escaping taxes; it’s about pioneering the final frontier. The fact that my net worth increases exponentially per mile as I leave Earth is purely coincidental.”

The GRS has since launched Operation Cosmic Ledger, an initiative aimed at tracking the financial orbits of these interstellar entrepreneurs. New terms like “astro-evasion” and “fiscal frontiers” have entered the lexicon as regulators attempt to navigate the uncharted territory of extraterrestrial earnings.

On the ground, grassroots movements have started crowdfunding campaigns for their own rockets, arguing that if the rich can shoot for the stars to save on taxes, the 99% should at least get a shot at the moon.

As the space race heads towards the final frontier of fiscal policy, the world is left to ponder the age-old question: what’s the tax rate on a Martian colony?

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