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USA Set To Build And Destroy Aid Port In Gaza?

In a bold move that experts are calling a blend of humanitarian effort and an economic stimulus package for the arms industry, President Biden is set to announce the United States’ ambitious plan to build a state-of-the-art port in Gaza for aid delivery. However, in a twist that might have come straight out of a satirical novel, the administration also plans to offer a buy-one-get-one-free deal on missiles – with every port constructed, a complimentary bomb will be provided, just in case any party feels the sudden urge for demolition.

Dubbed “Operation Peace and Pieces,” the initiative seeks to streamline the process of aid delivery while simultaneously catering to the occasional need for regional redecoration. Critics argue that it’s the most direct approach to foreign policy yet: build infrastructure with one hand, and hold the remote detonator with the other.

In a press conference that left attendees bewildered, Biden quipped, “It’s all about efficiency. Why waste time? Let’s give ’em the means to rebuild and the tools to tear down, all in one neat package. It’s the circle of life, folks!”

To ensure the port remains operational for a reasonable period before its inevitable destruction, the administration has reportedly penned a heartfelt plea to Prime Minister Netanyahu, complete with promises of exclusive discounts on future port-building endeavors and an unlimited subscription to the “Missile of the Month” club.

Satirists and political analysts alike are having a field day, with some suggesting this could revolutionize international relations. “Why stop at Gaza?” one pundit mused. “We could start offering combo deals worldwide. Build a bridge in Ukraine, throw in a free tank. Erect a hospital in Syria, include a drone for good measure. The possibilities are endless!”

As the world watches this unprecedented policy unfold, the only certainty is that satire writers will have material for years to come. Whether “Operation Peace and Pieces” will lead to actual peace or merely more pieces remains to be seen. But one thing is clear: in the arena of international politics, sometimes reality is stranger—and funnier—than fiction.

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