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Bible App Updates, Now Offers In-App Purchases for Miracle Upgrades and Divine Intervention Perks

The latest update to the popular “HeavenlyVerses” Bible app has sent shockwaves (and a few lightning bolts) through the religious community. Gone are the days of simply flipping through virtual pages of scripture. Now, users can unlock a whole new level of piety – for a price.

The update introduces “Miracle Microtransactions,” allowing users to purchase divine intervention for a range of earthly woes. Need help finding a parking spot? A mere $4.99 unlocks the “Parting of the Cars” feature, guaranteeing a miraculously empty spot near your destination. Feeling stressed at work? The “Manna from Management” perk (monthly subscription: $9.99) promises a sudden influx of praise and a raise (taxes not included).

But wait, there’s more! For the truly devout (and deep-pocketed) spender, the “Heavenly Helpline” offers direct access to a team of celestial customer service representatives. Need relationship advice? Archangel Raphael is on speed dial, ready to dispense divine wisdom for a one-time fee of $99.99.

Religious leaders are divided. Some denounce the update as blatant commercialization of faith, calling it the “SmiteStore” and accusing it of preying on the desperate. Others, however, see it as a sign of the times. “The Bible is a living document,” proclaims Reverend Timothy Dollarsign, a televangelist known for his flamboyant suits and prosperity gospel sermons. “These microtransactions simply make the divine word more accessible to the modern congregation.”

Social media is abuzz with memes and jokes. “#PaytoPray” is trending, with photoshopped images of Jesus flipping a table in the temple, but this time, it’s a monetized table overflowing with coins. Viral videos depict users praying for lottery numbers with increasing desperation as their “Divine Intervention Minutes” tick down.

The “HeavenlyVerses” development team remains unfazed by the controversy. In a press release, they announced plans for future updates, including a “Smite Your Enemies” feature (use responsibly!) and a “Second Coming Early Access Pass” (limited quantities available!).

Only time will tell if this is a sign of a future filled with pay-to-pray piety, or if this update will be relegated to the dustbin of bad app ideas (hopefully not next to Sodom and Gomorrah in the app). Stay tuned for further updates on this battle between faith and finance! Will users embrace the convenience of divine microtransactions, or will a higher power intervene to smite this controversial update?

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