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Area Man Claims to Have Found End of Internet; Turns Out It Was Just His Wi-Fi Connection

Local Man’s Heroic Quest to Reach Internet’s Edge Ends in Humiliation

In a saga that has captured the attention of bored internet denizens everywhere, a man from suburban Glendale has boldly claimed to have reached the very limits of the internet. Spoiler alert: the truth proved far less exciting than his initial pronouncements.

32-year-old Gerald Jenkins, a self-proclaimed “Digital Explorer” who works in IT (though seemingly lacks fundamental knowledge of how networks function), embarked on his epic journey early Tuesday morning.

“I was tired of the same old websites, the same recycled memes,” Jenkins stated dramatically, his eyes still glazed from staring intensely at a ‘No Signal’ screen. “I was determined to break free, to chart a course into the unmapped territories of the world wide web.”

Armed with an alarming amount of unfounded confidence and a vague understanding of how web browsers work, Jenkins began his quest. He scrolled endlessly through social media feeds, clicked suspicious links promising access to “the hidden internet,” and even, in a fit of desperation, tried typing random URLs directly into the address bar.

After several hours of what he described as “intense cyber-navigation,” Jenkins made a startling announcement. “I’ve seen it,” he proclaimed, a wild look in his eyes. “The abyss at the edge of everything online. Just a swirling vortex of pixels… and a strange message that said ‘Check your Wi-Fi.'”

The internet briefly held its breath. Could this unassuming man from Glendale have truly reached the end? Had he peered into the digital void? Theories spread like wildfire as armchair tech enthusiasts debated the implications of his discovery.

Alas, the truth emerged in a cruel twist. A sheepish Jenkins, following a brisk call from his internet provider’s tech support, was forced to admit that his epic journey was stymied not by the boundaries of cyberspace, but by a faulty router.

“It’s… humbling,” Jenkins muttered, his dreams of digital glory shattered. “Turns out, those pop-ups about updating my firmware weren’t just a ploy to track my data after all.”

The internet, momentarily captivated, quickly moved on to the next absurdity, and Jenkins retreated to the familiar depths of his favorite subreddits. Some say, however, that his experience changed him. He’s been observed gazing out of windows with a newfound appreciation, possibly contemplating the real world beyond his screen, or maybe just wondering if the neighbors have stronger Wi-Fi.

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