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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Ruins of International Law in Gaza, UN Claims They’re Just Modern Art

In a groundbreaking discovery that has left historians and political analysts scratching their heads, a team of archaeologists in Gaza has uncovered what appear to be the ancient ruins of International Law. The UN, in a swift response, has brushed off the findings as “just modern art.”

The ruins, which feature the crumbling pillars of human rights and the barely legible engravings of past resolutions, were found beneath the rubble of what is believed to be a forgotten era of diplomacy and global order. The lead archaeologist, Dr. Faux Pas, stated, “It’s incredible. We found artifacts dating back to a time when the Geneva Conventions were considered more than just old parchment and idealistic scribbles.”

In an elaborate ceremony, complete with ribbon-cutting and a live orchestra playing the tune of ‘Politics as Usual’, the UN unveiled the ruins as the latest installation of modern art. The exhibit, titled “The Ephemeral Promise,” features interactive displays where visitors can pretend to negotiate peace deals that will never come to pass.

“We are excited to present these findings as a symbol of contemporary expression,” said a UN spokesperson. “It’s a powerful statement on the transient nature of political commitments. Plus, it matches the aesthetic of our new headquarters’ lobby.”

Satirists around the world have hailed the discovery as a “monumental tribute to the ironies of civilization,” while cynics have suggested the ruins be left exactly where they are as a reminder of the durability of international discord.

Amidst the fanfare, a small group of skeptics has raised questions about the implications of this discovery for current geopolitical dynamics. However, these concerns were promptly dismissed by an anonymous UN official who whispered, “It’s all part of the show.”

As the international community debates whether to preserve the site or to convert it into a parking lot for peacekeeping vehicles, one thing remains clear: the ancient ruins of International Law are here to remind us that, sometimes, the most enduring truths are those that are buried and forgotten.

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