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Air Pollution Levels Reach Record Highs, Fashion Industry Encourages “Smog Chic”

PARIS – Leading designers are notably shifting their focus from eco-consciousness and sustainability to the apocalyptic aesthetic of record-breaking air pollution. This season, the runways are filled with designs inspired by smog, pollution, and environmental collapse.

Supermodels strut down the catwalk wearing avant-garde gas masks adorned with rhinestones, and boiler suits made from recycled hazmat materials are considered the height of fashion. Top designers are using the “unique, iridescent sheen” of polluted sunsets as inspiration for their new eyeshadow palettes.

“Smog Chic is a statement,” announces fashion innovator Vivienne Destrucción. “It’s about finding beauty in the decay and embracing the suffocating chaos. A tattered facemask is the new little black dress.”

This trend isn’t limited to clothing. High-end jewelers sell limited-edition necklaces featuring vials of “vintage air” from cities known for their smog. Celebrity chefs create tasting menus inspired by the metallic taste of pollution. Celebrities are even seen accessorizing their pets with tiny, diamond-studded respirators.

Opinions are split. Some applaud Smog Chic as a harsh but necessary reflection of our deteriorating environment, while others condemn it as insensitive and oblivious to an urgent environmental crisis. “Romanticizing something that’s killing millions is the peak of privileged ignorance,” argues renowned environmental activist Dr. Silvia Greene.

As the Smog Chic trend grows, it starts to infiltrate the public consciousness. Facemasks become a sought-after fashion accessory, with luxury brands vying to create the most stylish protection. Smog-inspired cocktails become the latest trend in high-end bars.

Keep an eye out for more updates on this alarming fusion of fashion and catastrophe.

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