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5 Indoor Plants Even YOU Can’t Kill (For the Tragically Brown-Thumbed)

Last updated on March 20, 2024

Let’s face it, some of us were born with sunshine coursing through our veins, nurturing every living thing we touch. Others of us… well, our touch is more like the kiss of death for anything green and leafy. But fear not, fellow plant assassins! There’s a jungle out there for even the most neglectful among us. Here are 5 indoor plants so resilient, they’d practically thrive on spite:

  1. The Snake Plant (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue): This aptly named champion can survive nuclear winter, low light, forgetful watering schedules – you name it. Just stick it in a corner (any corner!), water it once a month (maybe), and watch it silently judge you with its pointy green perfection.
  2. The ZZ Plant (Eternally Zen): This low-maintenance marvel boasts glossy, dark green leaves that seem to shrug off neglect. Forget sunlight? No problem. Drench it, then leave it parched for weeks? It won’t bat an eyelash (or should we say, leaf?). Perfect for those who find zen in the art of forgetting things exist.
  3. The Golden Pothos (The Indestructible Climber): This cascading vine is the overachiever of the plant world. Stick it in water, plop it in dirt (or both!), it doesn’t much care. Loves bright light, tolerates low light, shrugs off dust bunnies like a champ. Just be warned, this fast grower might take over your entire apartment if you let it.
  4. The Spider Plant (The Spidery Sprout Factory): This cheerful fellow sends out adorable “spiderettes” that practically beg you to propagate them and share the planty love. Happy in most lighting conditions, needs watering only when the soil feels dry. Bonus points for the built-in air purification system!
  5. The Air Plant (The No-Soil Slacker’s Dream): Forget about pesky potting mix! These quirky plants absorb moisture and nutrients from the air, needing only a good soak every few weeks. Hang them from the ceiling, stick them in a terrarium, hot glue them to a seashell (don’t judge) – the possibilities are endless. Just keep them away from open flames, because even invincible plants have their limits.

So there you have it! A murderer’s row of resilient greenery that can withstand even the most neglectful owner. With a little (or a lot of) benign neglect, you too can cultivate your own thriving indoor jungle. Just remember, these plants may be tough, but a little occasional love never hurts. They might even reward you with, gasp, a flower!

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