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10 Signs You’re Suffering from Adult-Onset Adolescence

In the ever-evolving narrative of adulthood, a new chapter has emerged, catching many by surprise: Adult-Onset Adolescence. This phenomenon, characterized by a regression to teenage tendencies amidst the responsibilities of adulthood, has become increasingly common. Here are ten unmistakable signs you might be experiencing this peculiar condition:

1. Video Games Over Vocation

You find yourself prioritizing video game achievements over actual career advancements. The thrill of leveling up in “The Elder Scrolls” suddenly seems more fulfilling than climbing the corporate ladder.

2. Skateboarding Considerations

The idea of skateboarding to work or the grocery store doesn’t just seem practical; it feels like a rebellious statement against societal norms. Bonus points if you’ve actually googled “adult skateboarding lessons near me.”

3. Midnight Munchies

Your grocery cart starts to look like that of a college student during finals week. Snack foods and instant noodles are not just purchases; they’re lifestyle choices, reminiscent of a time when “cooking” meant adding water and waiting three minutes.

4. Wardrobe Regression

Your wardrobe slowly starts to incorporate more graphic tees and hoodies, often featuring bands you listened to as a teenager or logos of video games. Business casual begins to feel like a foreign concept.

5. Sudden Interest in Band Posters

Speaking of bands, the blank walls of your apartment suddenly scream for the adornment of band posters. You contemplate whether a framed “Nirvana” poster in the living room is a conversation starter or a cry for help.

6. Rediscovery of Angst-Ridden Music

Your playlists start to resemble the setlists of early 2000s emo bands. You find deep, personal connections with lyrics you haven’t heard in over a decade, and “My Chemical Romance” becomes your go-to for both motivation and solace.

7. Cartoon Comeback

Saturday mornings are once again reserved for cartoons. The complexities of adult life demand the simplicity of animated storytelling, and you find unexpected wisdom in “Adventure Time” episodes.

8. Impulsive Hair Decisions

Whether it’s considering a radical new hair color or a piercing, you’re suddenly hit with the urge to make a statement with your appearance that shouts, “I’m not like other adults.”

9. Skate Shoes as Fashion Statements

You seriously contemplate whether skate shoes can be incorporated into your daily attire. The fact that they haven’t been in vogue since the early 2000s doesn’t deter you; it empowers you.

10. Aversion to Adulting

Lastly, the most telling sign is a profound aversion to “adulting.” Responsibilities like taxes, mortgage payments, and professional networking events feel like cruel jokes perpetuated by society to test your resolve.

If you find yourself nodding along to more than a few of these signs, welcome to the club of Adult-Onset Adolescence. It’s not so much a condition to be cured as a stage to be embraced—with the wisdom of adulthood and the heart of a teenager. After all, growing up is optional, and maybe, just maybe, adolescence is a state of mind best not left behind.

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