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Senegal’s Presidential Election Paused for Netflix Finale

Last updated on March 18, 2024

The government of Senegal has announced the postponement of its upcoming presidential election. The reason? A commitment to finishing a “particularly gripping Netflix series” that has captivated the nation.

“This is a historic first for Senegal and, indeed, the world,” stated government spokesperson, Amadou Diallo. “Democracy is crucial, but so is catching the finale of ‘The Great Sahelian Mystery.’ It’s about prioritizing national unity and collective suspense resolution.”

The announcement came shortly after a national survey revealed that an overwhelming majority of the voting population was midway through the series, with many expressing concerns about spoilers and the inability to concentrate on political issues until the mystery was resolved. “How can we decide on our next president when we don’t even know who stole the sacred baobab?” questioned one passionate voter, encapsulating the sentiment of a nation on edge.

Critics have called the move irresponsible and a blatant disregard for democratic processes. However, supporters argue that it’s a masterstroke in national harmony, allowing citizens to collectively binge-watch their way to electoral readiness. “It’s innovative governance,” Diallo added. “Plus, the Electoral Commission needed more time to set up polling stations anyway. It’s a win-win.”

Netflix has not officially commented on Senegal’s election delay but did release a cryptic tweet shortly after the announcement: “Democracy and drama, hand in hand. Who knew ‘The Great Sahelian Mystery’ would become a part of Senegal’s political legacy? No spoilers, but the finale is worth the wait.”

In preparation for the rescheduled election date, the government has encouraged citizens to host watch parties and debate viewing sessions to foster a spirit of unity and discussion. “It’s not just about watching a show; it’s about building a community ready to engage in the democratic process,” said Diallo. “After the credits roll, we vote.”

As Senegal waits with bated breath for both the series conclusion and the new election date, the rest of the world watches on in amusement and perhaps a hint of jealousy. In an era of political divisiveness, Senegal has found an unusual but unifying pause button: the shared anticipation of a Netflix series finale.

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