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Brexit Sequel Announced: Britain Votes to Leave Earth’s Orbit

Last updated on March 18, 2024

In a decision that has left astronomers and political analysts alike scratching their heads, the United Kingdom has once again stunned the global community by voting in favor of ‘Braxit’ – a bold initiative to leave Earth’s orbit altogether. This historic move comes as the sequel to the much-debated Brexit, taking the concept of independence to a literal new height.

“Who needs the European Union when you’ve got the solar system?” declared the Prime Minister, as engineers unveiled the colossal thrusters now attached to the underside of the British Isles. The plan, described as “a small step for Britain, a giant leap for British sovereignty,” involves using advanced rocket technology to propel the nation into a self-determined orbit.

Citizens across the country were seen celebrating, with many gathering in public squares waving Union Jack flags and sporting space helmets. “It’s time we showed the universe what it means to be British,” said one enthusiastic supporter, as iconic landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye were prepped for their celestial journey.

The global reaction has been a mixture of astonishment, concern, and a fair amount of amusement. “I thought they were joking when they said they wanted more space,” commented an EU official, “but I didn’t think they meant it quite so literally.”

Critics of the plan have raised logistical and legal questions, ranging from the impact on global tides to the complexities of space law. However, proponents argue that the move will allow Britain to escape earthly troubles, such as climate change and international conflicts, in favor of a ‘higher’ ground.

Astrophysicists have been quick to point out the challenges of maintaining life outside Earth’s orbit, but the government assures that British ingenuity and a stiff upper lip are more than up to the task. “Tea will be brewed in zero gravity if need be,” assured the Minister of Extraterrestrial Affairs.

As the countdown to detachment begins, the world watches with bated breath to see if Britain’s ambitious leap will land them among the stars or lost in the void. Regardless of the outcome, this unprecedented move has ensured that the UK will remain a talking point across the galaxy for years to come.

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